MEM Contracting, Inc. is a privately held S-corporation operating in the Aberdeen MD area.   MEM Contracting, Inc. is also a certified SBA 8(a) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Company founded in 2004 specializing in multi-discipline trades in Commercial and Industrial construction and renovations services, fire alarm repair and maintenance and electrical services. With a commitment to excellence, MEM Contracting, Inc. offers seasoned professionals whose core values are based on outstanding services, reliability, and honesty. Our company motto: “Doing It Right the First Time”.

Our firm specializes in commercial/industrial building construction, renovation services, fire alarm repair and maintenance and electrical services. Our value-added business approach stresses long-term customer relationships, a thorough understanding of our customer’s missions, quick response to rapidly shifting business environments and the on-time, on-budget delivery for quality services and projects. Our company’s dedication towards quality has earned us a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and consistently receiving excellent and outstanding verbal accoladed with our customers.

MEM Contracting, Inc. has successfully performed as a proactive, proven performer who can rapidly respond to critical command interest projects, as well as the routine delivery order requirements. We have past performances on Federal construction contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Army Garrison APG, Maryland Army National Guard, and Veterans Administration Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS), as well as many commercial contracts with various local businesses.

As a result of our work on numerous Federal and commercial projects, we understand the necessity of producing products to the complete satisfaction of the ultimate users. We exercise extreme care during the execution of each project to ensure that safety, cost, schedule, and quality objectives are met.

We select only subcontractors who have performed in their respective disciplines and who meet the criteria of our prequalification procedure. To ensure the highest quality product, our subcontractors must adhere to a strict safety and quality control program. MEM is continuously seeking new subcontractors and vendors to further enhance subcontractors/vendor base and to ensure a surge capability as the need arises.

Our ultimate commitment is complete client satisfaction. We are well known in both the commercial and Federal market for our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. It is our policy to measure our response time in minutes, not days. Our policy for correcting defective work is immediate, as we drive toward zero defects.

Our personnel are acquainted with operational requirements on military installations and commercial vendors. We exercise great care to minimize any disruptions caused by our operations. We also cooperate with the installation’s facility maintenance team by installing equipment, finishes, and fixtures that are familiar to and maintainable.

Throughout the execution of our previous contracts, we have experienced the great benefits of working with a team of professionals dedicate to the “partnering” concept. MEM is a true believer and avid supporter of this process.

With our office conveniently located in Aberdeen, Maryland, our staff is closely located to many of the major project areas including Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Loch Raven, Perry Point, Edgewood, Ft. Detrick, Ft. Andrews, Baltimore and the surrounding community.

Some of our past construction projects in the Commercial/Industrial sector.

AASKI - Bldg 6003 A1-105 Remove-install server wallCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVACAASKI2019Renovating by expanding an existing computer server room
AASKI - B6010 Radio Server Rm 401CCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVACAASKI2019Renovated an existing communication and IT room
AASKI B6003 Construct IS&P OfficeCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVACAASKI2019Built a new office
BFPE - Bldg 120 A230 & A002 Fire Suppression SystemCommercialElectrical Fire Alarm and Fire SuppressionBFPE2018Install Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System
BFPE - Curtis Bay Bldg 126 Fire Alarm SystemCommercialElectrical Fire Alarm and Sprinkler SystemBFPE2019Install Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression System
CACI Inc - Bldg 6003 A1-169 Underfloor SecurityCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, SecurityCACI2014Install raise flooring in computer area with security system
CACI Bldg 6003 Underfloor Repairs A1-155CommercialGeneral ConstructionCACI2015Repair underneath floor in secured area
CACI Bldg 6003 Gate RepairsCommercialGeneral Construction, ElectricalCACI2016Repair electric controlled security gates
CERDEC Bldg 6010 Rm201 TNP Lab MonitoringCommercialElectricalCACI2018Install monitoring devices in chemical laboratories
CACI - Bldg 6003 A1-314C Futures LabCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire SuppressionCACI2018Upgrade secured laboratory areas
CACI - Bldg 6003 A1-314C Extend Wall below Access FloorCommercialGeneral Construction, ElectricalCACI2018Renovate security areas undernaeth laboratories
Bldg 6002 SES HQ Construct IT OfficeCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVACCACI2019Renovated an existing communication and IT room
Install Fire Alarm and electric forl APG Travel RV CampCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemCentennial Inc2015Install new Fire Alarm System and electric to various rooms
DHCP Technology - Bldg 6005 Septure LabCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire AlarmDCHP2017Renovate bio-laboratory
DCHP Bldg 6003 A1 313-316 ElectricCommercialElectricalDCHP2017Upgrade elctrical service to computer rooms
HHSP23337009T - E4301 Sprinkler ModificationsCommercialFire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler SystemDHHP-ECBC-HHSP2019Replace fault fire alarm and fire sprinkler system
EA Engineering - APG Michaelsville LandfillCommercialElectricalEA Engineering2018Electrical work
Frazier Engineering - E1902 Fire Alarm / MNSCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemFrazier2017Install fire alarm system
Frazier Engineering - APG 2522 Fire Alarm / MNSCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemFrazier2017Install fire alarm system
GTS LLC - B5100 Rms 141-178 Exhaust UpgradesCommercialElectrical, HVACGeneral Technical Systems2019Install exhaust and air exchange system
JCI - Bldg 6007 Relocate Cooling Unit Lab F1-330CommercialElectrical, HVACJCI2017Install HVAC equipment in bio-laboratory
JCI - Bldg 5100 Surge ProtectionCommercialElectricalJCI2017Install electrical surge protection system
JCI - Bldg 1089A DPW Electrical workCommercialElectricalJCI2018Electrical work
JCI BAS - E5664 Emergency LightingCommercialElectricalJCI2019Install emergency exit lighting
JCI BAS - E5664 HVAC ElectricalCommercialElectrical, HVACJCI2019Install electrical and HVAC in new offices
K-CON Inc - Bldg 6011 FA SystemCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemK-CON2016Install Fire Alarm System in newly renovated building
Key System - Bldg 120 Fire Dampers & Duct ReturnsCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemKey Systems2014Install fire dampers in duct work
Liberty Industries - Bldg 4600 L1006 Clean RoomsCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire SuppressionLiberty Industries2016Build new level 4 bio-laboratory
Nexagen Bldg 6010 PRD Conference Room 140CommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical and HVACNexagen2016Build new conference room
NSL - AEM Fixed Chamber for ATCCommercialGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire SuppressionNoble Supply Logistics2018Build new Applied Environmental Modenization Test Chamber
Polaris Alpha Adv System - B5100 Power Load BanksCommercialElectricalPolaris2019Install new high voltage electrical power supply
Quantum USA - Bldg 4600 Install 2 HeatersCommercialElectrical, HVACQuantum2019Install commercial warehouse overhead heaters
Washington Redskins - Fire Sprinkler - 4 yearsCommercialFire Sprinkler SystemRedskins2016Perform annual fire sprinkler testing in football stadium
Superior Sprinkler - Preaction FA 2nd Floor Bldg 120CommercialFire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler SystemSuperior Sprinkler2014Install Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System
Superior - Bldg 700A Ultra High Speed Deluge RepairsCommercialElectrical, PlumbingSuperior Sprinkler2018Replace commercial sewage pumps
Superior - Clark United Methodist Church Fire PumpCommercialElectricalSuperior Sprinkler2019Replace fire pump in church
National Institure Meseum & Health - Install Security System Bldg 178CommercialElectrical, Physical SecurityNIMH2013Install physical monitoring and access control security for Meseum
Install Bldg 5100 Cold Spray SystemCommercialGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmVRC Metals System2018Install Cold Spray Testing System for militayr equipment
Wycliffe Enterprise - E4585 Fire AlarmCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm SystemWycliffe2017Install Fire Alarm System
ZDON - Bldg 4304 Install FA and SprinklerCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler SystemZDON2018Install Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System
ZDON Bldg 4125 Fire Alarm and MNS SystemCommercialElectrical, Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler SystemZDON2019Install Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System
ZDON Bldg 6001 SCIF ElectricCommercialElectricalZDON2019Install electrical circuits in security SCIF room