MEM Contracting, Inc. is a privately held S-corporation operating in the Aberdeen MD area.   MEM Contracting, Inc. is also a certified SBA 8(a) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Company founded in 2004 specializing in multi-discipline trades in Commercial and Industrial construction and renovations services, fire alarm repair and maintenance and electrical services. With a commitment to excellence, MEM Contracting, Inc. offers seasoned processionals whose core values are based on outstanding services, reliability, and honesty. Our company motto: “Doing It Right the First Time”.

Our firm specializes in commercial/industrial building construction, renovation services, fire alarm repair and maintenance and electrical services. Our value-added business approach stresses long-term customer relationships, a thorough understanding of our customer’s missions, quick response to rapidly shifting business environments and the on-time, on-budget delivery for quality services and projects. Our company’s dedication towards quality has earned us a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and consistently receiving excellent and outstanding verbal accoladed with our customers.

MEM Contracting, Inc. has successfully performed as a proactive, proven performer who can rapidly respond to critical command interest projects, as well as the routine delivery order requirements. We have past performances on Federal construction contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Army Garrison APG, Maryland Army National Guard, and Veterans Administration Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS), as well as many commercial contracts with various local businesses.

As a result of our work on numerous Federal and commercial projects, we understand the necessity of producing products to the complete satisfaction of the ultimate users. We exercise extreme care during the execution of each project to ensure that safety, cost, schedule, and quality objectives are met.

We select only subcontractors who have performed in their respective disciplines and who meet the criteria of our prequalification procedure. To ensure the highest quality product, our subcontractors must adhere to a strict safety and quality control program. MEM is continuously seeking new subcontractors and vendors to further enhance subcontractors/vendor base and to ensure a surge capability as the need arises.

Our ultimate commitment is complete client satisfaction. We are well known in both the commercial and Federal market for our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. It is our policy to measure our response time in minutes, not days. Our policy for correcting defective work is immediate, as we drive toward zero defects.

Our personnel are acquainted with operational requirements on military installations and commercial vendors. We exercise great care to minimize any disruptions caused by our operations. We also cooperate with the installation’s facility maintenance team by installing equipment, finishes, and fixtures that are familiar to and maintainable.

Throughout the execution of our previous contracts, we have experienced the great benefits of working with a team of professionals dedicate to the “partnering” concept. MEM is a true believer and avid supporter of this process.

With our office conveniently located in Aberdeen, Maryland, our staff is closely located to many of the major project areas including Aberdeen Proving Ground, Loch Raven, Perry Point, Edgewood, Ft. Detrick, Joint Base Andrews, Baltimore and the surrounding community.

Some of our past construction projects in the Government sector.

IDIQ Construction and RenovationGovernmentElectrical; Fire Protection; General Construction; HVACUS Army Garrison - APG2019IDIQ contract for various construction and renovation projects
DO #003 Bldg 2202 ATEC RenoGovernmentGeneral Construction, ElectricalACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds2013Renovate existing buildings for new usage
APG Pool Maintenance - SERVICE 3 yearsGovernmentServiceACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds2016Provide daily service and maintenance to swimming pools
ARL Bldg 4603 Heat Exchange Cleaning - ***SERVICE***GovernmentElectrical, HVACACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds2018Repair existing heat exchanger
APG Pool Maintenance (2019-2024)GovernmentServiceACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds2019Provide daily service and maintenance to community swimming pools
DO #009 E-4301 Mold RemediationGovernmentGeneral ConstructionACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2013Remediate hazardous condition
DO #006 E6110 Replace FlocculationsGovernmentElectrical, PlumbingACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2013Repair Sewage Treatment equipment
DO #011 E-3401 Install Replace Sprinkler SystemGovernmentElectrical, Fire SuppressionACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2014Install Fire Suppression Sprinkler system
DO #014 Replace Condensing Coils Bldg 3072GovernmentElectrical, HVACACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2014Repair HVAC Equipment
DO #0004 Bldg A400 Duct CleaningGovernmentGeneral Contracting, HVACACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2014Clean HVAC ductwork and system
DO #020 Bldg 4505 Misc Security ImprovementsGovernmentElectrical, Physical SecurityACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2014Install security locks and physical security
DO #025 Bldgs E3330/E3331 Renovate RoomsGovernmentGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire AlarmACA Aberdeen Proving Grounds Mini Toc2015Renovate office spaces
ARL Bldg 1103A Security UpgradesGovernmentElectrical, Physical SecurityAdelphia APG-ACC2019Install new Physical Security, locks and entry
ACC-APG Hybrid Electrical Propulsion TestingGovernmentElectricalAdelphia APG-ACC2019Preform testing and evaulate electrical propulsion system
TO#7 Bldg 277 UpgradesGovernmentGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire SprinklerAPG-ACC MiniTOC2018Renovate office spaces
TO#13 Bldg 4728 Compound FencingGovernmentGeneral ConstructionAPG-ACC MiniTOC2019Replace existing security fencing
TO#14 E1902 Replace Gym FlooringGovernmentGeneral ConstructionAPG-ACC MiniTOC2019Replace existing gym flooring
APG TO# 20 E3312 Replace GeneratorGovernmentElectricalAPG-ACC MiniTOC2019Replace broken generator
APG TO# 25 6010 Rm 2215 Renovate to SCIFGovernmentGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire SuppressionAPG-ACC MiniTOC2019Build a high security (SCIF) office
ARL Bldg 394 Disable FM200 SystemGovernmentElectrical, Fire SuppressionARL APG2018Remove Fire Suppression System
ATEC HQ Maintenance Service - 3 yearsGovernmentService, Electrical, HVAC, Fire AlarmATEC2018Provide daily building maintenance
ATC Retro High Speed Deluge SystemGovernmentElectrical, PlumbingATEC2019Repair Sewage pump equipment
HHSP23337004T - E3510 Task 5 Lab 19 Upgrade ECBCGovernmentGeneral Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Fire AlarmDHHP-ECBC-HHSP2017Upgrade Lavoratory
HHSP23337005T - E4810 Lighting Upgrade ECBC P233201600059IGovernmentElectricalDHHP-ECBC-HHSP2017Upgrade elctrical lighting
ITM Fire Alarm (service) JBA AFB MD - 4 yearsGovernmentFire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler andf Fire Suppression SystemJBAAFB 11th Contracting Squadron2015Perform Fire Protection testing and repairs
Hanger and Overhead Doors Repairs at AASF Weide Army AirfieldGovernmentGeneral ConstuctionMaryland Army National Guard2015Replace aircraft hanger and various oversized overhead doors
Various Building Repairs for MDARNG Edgewood MDGovernmentGeneral Construction, ElectricalMaryland Army National Guard2015Various miscellaneous building repairs and elctrical work
Ft Myers Bldg 27 Henderson Hall - replace Fire Alarm SystemGovernmentFire Alarm SystemMICC Ft. Belvoir2019Replace outdated fire alarm system in military barracks
CERDEC S&TCD Bldg 6010 Rm 201 Lab Blocking Phase 2GovernmentElectricalREDCOM/CERDEC2018Install elctrical equipment in laboratory
CERDEC Bldg 6003 Replace Damaged Corridor flooringGovernmentGeneral ConstructionREDCOM/CERDEC2018Repair commerical hallway flooring
Bldg 700A - New Control Room & Backup GeneratorGovernmentGeneral Construction, ElectricalUNICOR/ATC2015Build new building and install emergency back-up generator
New EMI Chamber at ATCGovernmentGeneral Construction, ElectricalUNICOR/ATC2016Build new Electro Magnegtic Interference (EMI) Test Chamber
Phillips Army Airfield REILS - Replace Runway LightingGovernmentElectricalUNICOR/ATC2018Replace outdated airfield runway lighting with high output LED lighting
Switchboard Maintenance Testing Bldg 400GovernmentElectricalUNICOR/ATC2018Perform testing to high voltage switchgear and make repairs
EMI Fit Out Phase IIGovernmentGeneral Construction, Electrical HVACUNICOR/ATC2019Install high voltage and equipment in Electro Magnegtic Interference (EMI) Test Chamber
ITM Fire Alarm (service) Ft Detrick - 4 yearsGovernmentFire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler andf Fire Suppression SystemUSA MED2013Perform commercial daily fire protection testing and repairs
ITM Fire Alarm Service at Ft Detrick/Forest Glen - 4 yearsGovernmentFire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler andf Fire Suppression SystemUSA MED2013Perform commercial daily fire protection testing and repairs
Upgrade FA & MNS Bldgs 1422, 1434, 1500 & 521 (FACP)GovernmentFire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler SystemUSA MED2014Replace outdated fire alarm and sprinkler system
4 Barracks and Warrior Center - Ft DetrickGovernmentElectrical and Fire Alarm SystemUSA MED2016Install fire alarm system in military barracks
Bldg 121 Replace Fire Alarm System and Utility UpgradesGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical and Fire Alarm & Fire SprinklerUSA MED2018Renovate warehouse and install electrical, fire alarm and fiure sprinkler system
AC Dynamometer InstallationGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical and HVACUSACC-APG2014Renovate warehouse and install new Dynamometer and HVAC equipment
Process Chilled Water lines Bldg 4603 Rm 161/162GovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingUSACC-APG2014Replace and repair underground chill water piping
DO #0007 Backflow Prevention Devices EdgewoodGovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingUSACE2014Install required Backflow Prevention Devices for incoming water supply piping
Electrical Revision JSEC Bldg 3090GovernmentElectricalUSACE2015Replace outdated electrical on entire government building
USACE Replace Backflow Preventer Valves Edgewood (SERVICE - 3 yearsGovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingUSACE2015Install required Backflow Prevention Devices for incoming water supply piping
MRICD F-Wing Acoustical Testing EdgewooGovernmentGeneral Contrator, ElectricalUSACE2016Evaluate, test and repair Level 4 bio-chemical laboratory for aqoustical testing
Force Protection Security Installation - SERVICEGovernmentGeneral Contrator, ElectricalUSACE2016Install physical security and access control for military recruiting offices
C4ISR Replace Bldgs 6000 & 6008 Auditorium LightingGovernmentElectricalUSACE2016Evaluate and replace exiting auditorium lighting to new renovated spaces
Bldg 390 Energetics LabGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2016Renovate building for new Energetic Laboratory
CERDEC Bldg 6007 - PNT Secure Open StorageGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2017Renovate building for new high security warehouse
Bldg 6007 Anti-Tank LabGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2017Renovate building for new Anti-Tank testing control room
ATEC Bldg 4120 RenovationsGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2017Renovate building for change over from barracks to office spaces
Bldg 6002 CERDEC SES Suite Fit-Out RenoGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2018Renovate building for new military headquarters of excecutive offices
Bldg 6005A Sceptre Lab PT Lane RenoGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2018Renovate building for new testing of Sceptre Laboratory
Bldg 6006 CEMA Laboratory EnhancementGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2018Design build, renovate, reconfigure and enhance CEMA laboratory
UH-72A Flight Training Site PrepGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, PlumbingUSACE2018Provide site preparation, improvements for new Military Flight training center
USACE Bldg 4120 HVAC UpgradeGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2019Renovate old building for new government headquarter offices
USACE Reno Bldg. 4117, E3150, B6006, B6009GovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmUSACE2019Renovate multiple buildings for new offices
Relocate Fire Alarm Baltimore MDGovernmentElecrical, Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler SystemVA2012Replace and update fire alarm and fire sprinkler system in entire VA hospital
Repair VAMC Baltimore Atrium SkylightsGovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingVA2013Repair Veterans Administration Atrium skylights and plumbing
Replace Overhead Paging SystemGovernmentElectricalVA2014Install new paging system throughtout Veterans Adminsitration hospital
Replace Balt Condensate Steam LineGovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingVAMC2016Install new condensate steam vent piping in Veterans Adminstration hospital
VAPP Replace Sanitary Village SewerGovernmentGeneral Contractor, PlumbingVAMC2018Repair 1200 LF of colasped Sanitary Sewer piping at VA Perry Point
VA Loch Raven Renovate Research Gym ExtensionGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmVAMC2018Extend existing Loch Raven rehabilitation exercise area for disabled veterans
VA Loch Raven Replace Walk-in FreezerGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmVAMC2018Replace old walk-in freezer and refrigerator boxes at Veterans Adminstration clinic
VAPP Renovate Bldg 19H MASGovernmentGeneral Contractor, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire AlarmVAMC2019Renovate and remidiate building 19H for new offices